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About URL open timer

Bulk URL opener

When you need to open many links at once...

Opening multiple URLs at once can be a great challenge when you need to copy each link, open a new browser tab, paste each URL into the browser window, and hit the open button.

You can find different services that allow copying bulk URLs, pasting them into one box, and opening them all at once. Surprisingly, this can be a bad idea, too.

Opening multiple links - up to 50 or even 100 - is a very resource-consuming operation that requires powerful machines and may overload your computer.

Open multiple URLs with timer

Solution: a timer that opens links with delays!

We offer a solution to this problem. It's a service that opens multiple URLs with delays.

We provide a multiple URL open timer where you can set a delay between opening each URL - from 1 second to 5 hours!

In this way, you can check and explore each website, then close the tab without worrying about forgetting to open a next link from your list!

Multiple URL open timer usage

Who may want to use our bulk URL open timer?

There are countless scenarios for how our link opener can be used. But here are a few most common cases:

SEO experts

This service is particularly useful for SEO experts. When you need to reach a big deal of services or sites or blogs at once, our multiple site opening tool can help you save your time!

Affiliate programs members

Affiliate program members should check their links from time to time to make sure they are functioning, they open live websites, not "404 not-found" pages. This is where our bulk affiliate links checker is useful, too. Just add links to the box above, choose appropriate delay, and start checking your URLs!

Web data researchers, content writers, etc.

Check your sites' responses, make sure your blogs are live, grab content from different sources, compare prices in different stores... Everyone can make use of our tool - without limits!

Open multiple URLs from sitemap.xml file

Check your site map without hassle!

Another possible scenario of using our Multiple URL Open Timer is checking sitemap XML files.

An XML sitemap functions as your website's map, guiding search engines to all possible pages of your website. XML sitemaps are often required for good SEO because they encourage search engines to locate and analyze all important pages of your website instantly, even though you did not take care of a proper internal linking.

With our bulk sitemap URL checker, you can quickly and easily extract all URLs from your XML sitemap, open them one by one with a proper delay of your choice, and carefully examine each page to make sure it is valid.